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My Book of Poetry – Suicide & Depression

Hey guys this post is very different from the usual content on my website. My regular content will be coming shortly. Recently I was finally able to get all my poems together into one book my oldest ones dating back to 2007. Writing has always helped me get through really dark times. For many many years I suffered from severe depression. It was crippling and made it hard for me to leave my room, eat or go anywhere. I struggled keeping a job and even going to school. It felt like a dark shadow following me everywhere and constantly bringing me down. Most times I gave in, but other times I tried to fight it. In the end I was able to get the help I needed to overcome this shadow, but it wasn’t until recently I felt confident to release all of my poems. From dark times where I felt suicide was the only option and others where all I wanted to do was live. Nowadays those dark times seem so far away and I’m happy to be where I am now. I hope that my poetry can inspire you and help you along this crazy journey called life.

Check out my book of poems called Darkness & Light Within Me: Forgiving Myself @

Love Gone With The Wind

Some times late at night I think of you

I’ve moved on but I haven’t

There’s no such thing as closure

I will never have that

I open up my bottom drawer

There hidden away the treasure of you

Your letters and cards

The love you once had for me

All gone now

But it still exists frozen in time

The beautiful words you wrote for me

I’ll never forget

Sometimes I take it out and remember the good ole times

I wish I had cherished those times with you more than I did

Now they are gone forever

Blown away by the wind

All I have left is your memory and smile


New Year

The New Year

A fresh start

Feels like life just begins

Leaving all the old troubles behind

Finding my new path

Full of happiness and excitement

New adventures to come

New people I will meet

Can’t wait to see what lies ahead

A New Year

A New Beginning

clouds weather sunlight sunrays